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I always say, “The drummer’s job is to keep a steady beat.” While that’s true, there’s much more to it than that. Read this article to learn more!

  • Grunt Work & Creativity
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    A lot of beginning students think that playing something correctly one time is enough. I stress the importance of repetition and have the "four time rule" (playing everything at least 4 times without mistakes). This article addresses the next steps in learning and applying new ideas or techniques. It's a great read, please check it out!

  • The studio’s ready for in-person lessons with new Paiste cymbals and double pedals. Welcome back!

  • My first drum teacher, Gary Stuck, showed me this. It's a cool, easy lick that works great with 16th note grooves!

  • Simon Phillips is one of my favorites! Playing open-handed allows him to incorporate Octobans, toms and Gong Drum into his grooves. Share a video of one of your favorites!

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